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BMC128 is a bare metal C128 Emulator (using VICE) for the Raspberry Pi (Models 2 & 3). There is no bloated O/S to boot and the emulator has direct access to hardware resulting in better performance than the Linux based distributions. VICE dependencies are satisfied using circle-stdlib.

BMC128 has been updated to support the VDC.

BMC128 2.3.1 Release

*NEW : VDC is now supported!

Super Mario Bros 64 is out! BMC128 will let you take advantage of TURBO mode in this amazing port for the C64. BMC64/128 supports POT X USB gamepad mapping so the 2nd joystick button will work to jump!

Installation comes in two flavors:

1) format a FAT32 SD card and/or partition and unzip bmc128-2.3.1.files.zip onto it. The Pi will boot from the first FAT partition. See below for ROM files you will need to provide yourself.

*** OR ***

2) flash an image using bmc128-2.3.1.img.zip (300Mb partition). Again, see below for additional ROM files you need to provide.

BMC128 Setup

  • Setup is simlar to BMC64 except the ROM files are different and must reside in a C128/ directory:
    		       z80bios (optional)
    		       d1541II (optional)
                           dos1571 (recommended)
    The emulator will not run without them. These are available from many sites.

    • Example

      NOTE: You will have to rename files from the names you find here to the names the emulator expects above. For example, characters.390059-01.bin becomes CHARGEN

I use BMC64, can they co-exist?

They can co-exist within the same partition but you would only be able to boot one of the images at a time and have to manually rename the kernel file to select one. The best video settings are usually different for different machines too. There is no switch available from the menu at the moment. It's probably best to keep them on separate partitions and use a boot loader for now (NOOBS/PINN). See the main github page on how to use multiple partitions with BMC64. Keep in mind if you extract more than one release into the same partition, your config.txt, cmdline.txt files will be overwritten as they are shared files.

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