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These are instructions for wiring real Joysticks via GPIO Config #1 (See 'Prefs' menu). Please consult README.md. For a real keyboard and joysticks, Config #2 is recommended using the PCB.

BCM64 : Wiring a real joystick to BMC64 is fairly simple using GPIO Config #1

Materials (for each joystick)

  • 1 DB9 Male connector
  • Standard .1" pitch breakaway headers
  • 6 Female jumpers
  • Solder station

Break away 5 header pins and insert them into the back of the DB9 connector (solder side) top row (pins 1-5). They should slide in and fit snug in place. The spacing of the connector is the same as the headers.

Do the same with another row of 4 header pins inserted into the bottom row of the DB9 connector (pins 6-9). Now apply some solder to each pin to secure them to the connector.

Now simply use female jumpers to connect pins 1,2,3,4,6 & 8 to your Pi according to the GPIO1 bank or GPIO2 bank assignments (described in the README.md). Done!


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