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NOTE: BMVIC20 is now bundled with BMC64 v3.0+

Download the universal image from the BMC64 main page.

BMCVIC20 is a bare metal VIC20 Emulator (using VICE) for the Raspberry Pi (Models 2 & 3). There is no bloated O/S to boot and the emulator has direct access to hardware resulting in better performance than the Linux based distributions. VICE dependencies are satisfied using circle-stdlib.


For various reasons, getting video to look good is a bit challenging with the VIC20 emulator. I included defaults that look decent to me for an NTSC system but feel free to tweak them to your liking. If you are seeing too much or too little border, you can use the Video controls to trim the border and/or change the aspect ratio. (Earlier versions required manually editing the cmdline.txt file to change the vic_canvas_width and vic_canvas_height parameters but that is no longer necessary.)

BMVIC20 Setup

  • Setup is simlar to BMC64 except the ROM files are different and must reside in a VIC20/ directory:
    The emulator will not run without them. These are available from many sites.

    • Example

      NOTE: You will have to rename files from the names you find here to the names the emulator expects above. For example, characters.901460-03.bin becomes CHARGEN

  • Other disk drive ROM files are optional (dos1541, dos1571 and dos1581)

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