Trading Simulation in Basic, featuring the Kawari

Questions/observations about C64 software compatibility using VIC-II Kawari
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Trading Simulation in Basic, featuring the Kawari

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I have been working on a Trading Simulation, written in Basic on the C128 for the last couple months.
Mainly due to the 80x25 screen - and because I like underdogs :-)
The game design is heavily focused around the game The Guild from the year 2002.

I have been documenting the project progress on YouTube, including code insights and thoughts about the design.

In episode 5, the Kawari is introduced as an additional target platform, as it adds the 80x25 capability to the C64.

Unfortunately, the video is in german, but the english subtitles are usually very accurate:

For those only interested in the Kawari part, feel free to skip to timestamp 19:35

I'm also planning to do a dedicated episode on Kawari for Basic Developers.
I know that the 80x25 screen might not be the most exciting feature of the Kawari, but for my project, it's straight up awesome :-)

Any feedback about the Kawari in Basic Development is very welcome in this thread.
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